Ian – Christmas before he died

When my husband, Ian Sharpe, died at the age of 44 my life was changed forever. I was 37 and my kids were 8 & 10.  One of the last conversations I had with Ian was about how he wished he had helped more people during his life.  He told me he regretted his career choice of becoming a tax attorney, and that if he could do it all over again he would have followed his heart and become a doctor instead…  He became an attorney to please his father and now Ian couldn’t go back and change his path, as he died three days after we talked.

At that time I was a Certified Public Accountant (CPA).  I had worked for Price Waterhouse in San Francisco and then for Ernst and Young in Washington, DC.  Four years after Ian passed I began working for a hedge fund in Fairfield County, Connecticut.  It wasn’t until I was about to turn 44, did I realize the impact that Ian’s conversation had on me. I suddenly became aware that I would live longer than Ian.  This thought stopped me in my tracks.  I didn’t want to come to the final days of my life wishing that I had helped more people, or being upset that I didn’t follow my life’s true passion and destiny…

You see I had a spiritual awakening two years before Ian passed away.  A friend of mine took me for an angel reading right after Ian was re-diagnosed with lymphoma. That reading changed my life. I can’t exactly explain it, other than I walked out of the reading as a different person. A switch was flipped inside of me, and I felt a great need to learn how to communicate to the angels myself.
I purchased a book and began my studies right away. I was suddenly surrounded and supported by various teachers, both on earth and in spirit.  There were also many miraculous coincidental circumstances that helped me along my journey.  Communicating to the angels was filled with joy and love and is what kept me going during the last two years of Ian’s battle with cancer as well as what allowed me to move forward after his death with grace and appreciation.

As time went on, I began quietly telling my friends and (some of my) family about the angels. I was nervous about what people would think, but to my surprise everyone I spoke to was supportive and understanding.  I happily shared messages with all who were interested.  I then began telling the story of how I was taken to heaven on the night that Ian died, and how that changed my life even more than just communicating with the angels. And finally, when I began getting messages from friends and family that had passed away, I just had to quit my corporate job, as I had truly gone from corporate to consciousness.

Just after my 44th birthday, I resigned from my hedge fund job and started the Art of Living Happy, LLC – to help people connect with their passed away loved ones, angels and other beings of LOVE and LIGHT!  I still call myself a CPA, but now it stands for Channeling People’s Angels!

I look forward to connecting you with your passed away loved ones and channeling loving, helpful guidance and advice from your angels and other beings of LOVE and LIGHT!