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Angelic Coaching by Lisa Jones

Lisa Jones has been and intuitive all of her life.  She is dedicated to helping those who seek her services to find their true calling and discover who they are meant to be here on earth.  Lisa has been seeing so much success working locally with individuals she has decided to offer her Angel Channeling online.

As Lisa is a former Certified Public Accountant she is aware that the spiritual world can be quite new to people.  Although many may feel this idea of connecting to angels to be “woo-woo” in fact there is nothing more down to earth than to connect to your inner wisdom.  Lisa Jones is an expert at helping people to do this.

She can help you too!  You can discover your passion in life; you can find that true love that has been so elusive; you can completely shift your life to the one that you’ve always wanted.

Lisa will teach you the skills to learn how to completely and unconditionally love yourself, which is the key to a happy life.  When you have a great relationship with yourself then you can have great relationships with others. There is really no secret to connecting with your angels, guides and inner wisdom; the key is just taking the time to do it.  If you are committed to taking the time to remember who you are, and to rediscover why you are here on earth there is no better person alive that could help you than Lisa Jones.

She is compassionate, loving and kind hearted.  If you are looking for that best friend quality and someone you can connect to on a whole other level, then you have found your coach.

Because this is such intimate work, and requires so much personal attention this coaching comes at a premium price.  What is it worth to you to break out of your prison and truly live a life of happiness?

Lisa’s schedule is very limited, so please understand that there may be a waiting list once you have decided to work with her. Upon Lisa accepting you into her coaching program (based upon availability), and a mutually agreed upon schedule can be arranged, you will then be sent an invoice and payment is required within 48 hours.

To find out more about coaching options, prices and scheduling please submit your name, email and phone number so Lisa can contact you to discuss your coaching options as well as to add you to her wait list or to schedule your sessions depending on availability.  Life is short, what are you waiting for?

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