Intuitive Business Coaching

Many business executives have lost their ability to connect to their own intuitive instincts. As a former certified public accountant and highly evolved spiritual intuitive I offer my Intuitive Business Coaching to many large and small companies for a monthly retainer. This includes a pre-determined number of hours each month for my intuitive and business coaching advice. For an additional fee I am happy to travel to your business site, where I can offer additional intuitive business services.


Interested? Reach out to Lisa through the Application Process
I have found my most satisfied clients to be the ones that highly resonate with my spiritualistic approach. In order to provide YOU with the most optimal coaching experience, I require all potential clients to apply for Gold and Platinum services.

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After receiving your application a free 20 to 30-minute consultation will be scheduled to discuss your needs and desires and to determine how I can best serve you.