Art Of Living Happy  After The Loss Of A Loved One: A Real-Life Awakening

61uHHTX7iyLAt 30, Lisa Jones has a dream life–an adoring husband, two beautiful children and a lovely home in Fairfield County, Connecticut. Four months later, it all begins to unravel when her husband is diagnosed with lymphoma. During a chance encounter with an angel reader, Lisa discovers she has the ability to directly connect to the angelic realm. Although the messages she receives sustain her on the heart-breaking path of caring for her dying husband and young children, she also keeps them a secret. Asleep at the moment of her husband’s death, Lisa is transported to “heaven,” a place of such bliss it changes the way she lives and thinks forever. What follows are years of transformation. She meets and marries the second love of her life, ends her accounting career, and finds herself thrust into a world of profound spirituality. She realizes that she can no longer keep these divinely guided messages hidden, and little-by-little shares her gifts with individuals, small groups and finally with large audiences. In this book, Lisa details her difficulties on the path, her bouts with depression, and her struggle with her biggest skeptic and critic–herself.






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Art of Living Happy