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Fun, Exciting Topics

  • Learn to Communicate with Your Angels
  • Receive Messages from Passed Away Loved Ones
  • Create Soul Collages
  • Heal with Divinely Guided Meditations
  • Improve Your Life by Learning how to Meditate
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Here is one of Lisa’s Live Event Details:

An Evening of Love and Light! Lisa Jones will open your heart and blow your mind with “Out of this World” healing messages and advice from your Angels and other Beings of Love & Light.

  • Learn how Lisa went from being a CPA to Channeling People’s Angels
  • Discover three easy steps to the Art of Living Happy
  • Experience a beautifully guided healing meditation
  • Hear loving messages from your Angels and other loving spirits
  • Ask the Angels your burning questions about life
  • Receive a Blessing of Love and Abundance

This is not your typical channeled medium experience!

The evening is filled with loving, healing guidance and advice to help you live YOUR life in a state of peace, joy, harmony and balance. Lisa’s divine purpose it to shine the light of love and light on everyone that she comes into contact with in order to inspire others to seek their own divine purpose. Many times passed away loved ones come through Lisa to share their messages with their loved ones still on earth.  Lisa also has the ability to communicate with living souls if there is a soul need to be communicated.

It’s truly a miraculous evening and one not to be missed!

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Here is an example of one of Lisa’s Live Speaking Events in front of 140 people:

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