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Art of Living Happy by Lisa Jones

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Reviews from Amazon:

Bridging Heaven and Earth
5 Stars!
By R.Friedman

Lisa Jones channels angels’ messages to people on earth, and it seems to me that her book does exactly the same thing. Her story is so down to earth: her corporate rise, the horror of finding out her husband has cancer, trying to take care of her children as well as figure out what she wants to do with her life. She is honest about her own struggles, judgements and lessons she has to learn; she really is the woman next door. But woven throughout all the pain and hardship in her life is this wonderful, beautiful spiritual wisdom that truly is not of this earth. Incredible, inspiring truths are hidden throughout, showing us a world where we are not alone, where there is a reason for what we are going through, where we have angelic help if we ask and learn how to listen. This book was as fun to read as a novel, I couldn’t wait to find out what happened next in the story. What lasts though, is the message that we too are connected to the divine, we are guided and loved beyond our imagining.

A Beautiful Story About Life
5 Stars!
By Nancie

This book isn’t just a story about a death and how Lisa Jones coped with it. It’s a story about life. It’s a testimonial to how death is a part of life. You can lose a loved one and accept the gifts of that experience and move on. Best of all, they move on with you if you let them. Lisa’s story took me through every emotion – from the very first pages to the end. She weaves a story of life and spirit and evolution and transformation that is entertaining and engaging. Every person can relate to the ups and downs of life – perhaps not at the level that Lisa writes about – but at some level. This book can change your perspective about your experience and take you through another way to look at things, not because it’s a step-by-step guidebook, but because it allows you to witness how Lisa has done it herself. I can’t recommend it highly enough.

A must have!
5 Stars!
By Barbara

Lisa does a beautiful job in her frank honesty and clear illustrations of real life examples on her journey of awakening. Her story allows us the ability to easily relate as we embark on our own spiritual progression. She addresses so much with the ease of her story telling–loss,control from others, trust, prayer, friendships, ulterior motives–again so many topics each of us can relate to in our lives and say “oh yeaaaahhhhh” This book will truly be something special for those who read it for a variety of reasons.The book allows us to connect with those feelings that sometimes are not ok or we are told as not OK especially as women–to be strong, keeping it all together, role models for our kids etc. How hard is it to admit our fears and face them as well as facing our other emotions. Lisa clearly does that which is just wonderful and liberating. This easy-to-read book will become a staple in peoples journey to self awareness and spiritual awakening. Well done!

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