What’s Your Story?

Ever thought of writing a book?

Do you dream of one day becoming a published author? Does that still small voice insist you begin your novel or memoir, but you don’t know where to begin? Are you told over and over, “Wow, that’s an amazing story. You should write a book!”?

Maybe you think the process of writing a book is long and arduous, and you just don’t have time.

Or that you have a great story but you feel you’re not a “real” writer…

What's Your Story?

April 12 & 13, 2014 – 9:00am – 4:30pm

Hyatt Regency Greenwich
1800 East Putnam Avenue
Old Greenwich, CT 06870 USA

Art of Living Happy is partnering with Art of Storytelling (yes, that’s a lot of art :) )

…in a rare weekend workshop where we’ll combine the power of channeling with the practical aspects of professional writing! We’ll teach you to creatively CHANNEL your book, write your MANUSCRIPT quickly, and get it PUBLISHED. Day 1 gives you the insight and tools to start and finish your book. Day 2 is a VIP day that will put that book on the fast track to getting published and potentially onto that “Best Seller” list.

Lisa Jones

Lisa Jones

Lisa Jones (Art of Living Happy) is a nationally recognized spiritual channel, an author, and a well-known speaker, and she’ll guide you in connecting with your guides and muses to align with your higher creativity and experience rich flow in your writing.

Caroline Allen

Caroline Allen

Caroline (Carrie) Allen (Art of Storytelling) is a visual artist, novelist, and international writing coach with decades of literary experience. She’ll guide you through the practical aspects of writing, including rough draft, characterization, setting, plot, and theme.

And both Caroline and Lisa will give you useful tips on today’s publishing industry. Also, an acquisitions editor from a publishing company will be joining the VIP group on Day 2! You are not going to want to miss this!!!

YES – I’m all in!!!

2-Day VIP experience
April 12 & 13, 2014
9am – 4:30pm

Limited to a small group for a more individualized experience!

  • BONUS: Caroline & Lisa will provide additional online coaching for all VIP participants!

1-Day experience
April 12, 2014
9am – 4:30pm

Everything you need to know to write, finish, and publish your book!

Samantha Bennett

“Lisa’s acutely sensitive insight uncovered a long-forgotten incident that had been holding me hostage. I know that her prayers, clearing and energy helped unlock the door for my success.”
~ Samantha Bennett, Author of Get it Done and creator, The Organized Artist Company

Gail McMeekin

“Carrie is an insightful and gifted teacher. Her wisdom and humor have illuminated deep inner truths for my creative process and ultimately pointed me in more fulfilling directions. Carrie’s knowledge of what it takes to be a woman and an artist is profound.”
~Gail McMeekin, Author of The 12 Secrets of Highly Creative Women

DAY 1: April 12, 2014

  • Understand how and why you are here
  • Connect to your Writer Guide within you
  • Identify how your creativity has been derailed and get it back on track
  • Learn the key to writing an epic story
  • Receive messages to better understand your next steps
  • Hear the inside story to get your book published for free
  • Discover the secret to becoming a #1 bestselling author

DAY 2: April 13, 2014

(Additional Intensive – Limited Number of Participants)

  • A VIP Brunch Round Table with Caroline and Lisa
  • A review of your written work or concept
  • Clear your blocks, once and for all…
  • Individual time with Caroline and Lisa
  • Understand characterization and setting
  • Going deeper – what is the theme of your work?
  • Visualizing your ultimate success and the steps to take you there
  • BONUS: Caroline & Lisa will provide additional coaching for all VIP participants!

Still not convinced that this workshop is for you? Read on…

You would not have been given the desire to be a writer or to write your story without also receiving everything you need within you to accomplish this mission.

This is a Universal Law!

You just need both the guidance on to how to connect to the higher creative forces that are locked within you. When you are aligned you’ll be able to quickly and easily channel your whole story!

And you need the practical tools that professional writers use. Combine both a connection to your higher creativity, and the practical tools, and you’ll have the power you need to start, finish and publish your book.

Chetan Parkyn

“Lisa is open so incredibly wide and can touch people’s hearts on such a deep level. She gives people guidance that they could spend tens of lifetimes trying to find. If you are open to receiving this deep guidance, it will open a whole other realm of possibilities for your current life.”
~ Chetan Parkyn, Author of Human Design and The Book of Lines

Ellen Newhouse

“Carrie always says just the right thing to propel me forward. I scan my reviewed chapter for her suggestions and find myself sitting in my office in Seattle saying out loud: Oh, of course! Off I go on the computer at 90 miles an hour because her comments make so much sense. Perhaps one day I will write without a coach, but for now, I can’t imagine writing without her non-judgmental, intelligent and thought-provoking guidance and her positive comments that scream: YES, YES, Well done. Keep going!
~ Ellen Newhouse, Author of Nothing Ever Goes on Here and Spiritual Counselor

If you are still on the fence about joining us, maybe deep down…

…you wonder, “How dare I think I’m a writer?”

To paraphrase a famous saying: “How dare you remain small? How dare you NOT think you’re a writer?” By connecting and aligning with your higher creative power, you will be validating not only you as a writer, but also you as a person. This workshop will connect you to the infinite flow, which is always more life to all. This will allow your story to come to life! And it will give you the practical tools you need to take this spiritual inspiration and physically manifest it in the world.

Studies show the number one regret people have at the time of their death is living a life where they did not do what they love. This is your chance.

It’s the beginning of your next chapter in life – as a published author. Welcome to the party!

YES – I’m all in!!!

2-Day VIP experience
April 12 & 13, 2014
9am – 4:30pm

1-Day experience
April 12, 2014
9am – 4:30pm


Hyatt Regency Greenwich
1800 East Putnam Avenue
Old Greenwich, CT 06870

Hyatt Regency Greenwich is an ideal location for this workshop as it’s conveniently located less than an hour’s drive from Manhattan and New York City, and just over an hour’s drive from downtown Hartford, CT. Easy accessibility to I-95 and minutes from the Metro North Commuter Railroad.

Tari Goetz

“After ONE session with Lisa Jones, opportunities began flooding in. I had hit a “dry spell” and felt stuck, and I couldn’t figure out why. The sudden clarity I received after feedback from her was so very helpful. Soon, I was getting out of my own way even more, without really being conscious of how I was doing it. Thank you, Lisa. Your help has moved internal mountains to open the flow of abundance into my life. I’m forever grateful for your gift.”
~ Teri Goetz, Coach and Author of The Four Pillars

Tess Thompson (crop)

“Caroline Allen is an incredible writing coach and mentor. She has a technique, which allows your highest level of creativity to emerge. She is detailed in her responses to your writing but also has a soft enough touch that her criticism never seems too harsh. I have learned more from her in the last four months than from all of my other writing teachers combined. If you are serious about writing but need encouragement, or need to work on your skills and want someone who is very invested in your success, hire Caroline. “
~ Tess Thompson, Author of the best selling book Riversong as well as Riverbend and Riverstar